ID. Boards – Relocations Official Teaser

It’s an honour to present of our first international film project as a company.

Relocations was an idea that was born out of the desire to show Australia to our friends, Magno and Amaury. These great men are a rich part of our bodyboarding family and they each represent a country or people group that make up the sport we love.

By sharing our waves, our strengths and our resources together, we can unite our sport and build the future.
This is the start of an ongoing experiment to prove how valuable our international riders are, and how much fun we can have together.

We truly live in an amazing place, and it’s even more amazing when shared.

” Get ready to be Relocated “

Riders: Glen Thurston, Magno Passos, Amaury Lavernhe, Nick Gornal, Jeff Hubbard, Matty McArthur.

Associated with: Riptide Magazine.

Presented by: ID. Boards.

A Film by: Tyge Landa.

Edited by: Burg Thurston.

Produced by: WebbedHands Creative.

Riptide Magazine – Nick Gornall // Seeing Stars

To coincide with Nick’s profile in #189, Riptide has teamed up with Stealth and Agent Eighteen to bring you one of the most mind-blowing clips of the year – Nick Gornall: Seeing Stars. Shot over a two-month period by Tyge Landa, the clip is based out of the South Coast of NSW – the area Gornall moved to from Queensland’s Gold Coast in April of 2012.

Nick moved down with a clear objective of wanting to push his surfing in bigger and heavier waves. Since moving he has spent the majority of his time training and pushing his surfing in some of the best waves this coast has to offer. Nick will remain down on the South Coast for 2012 and then spend sometime at home training and working with his shop sponsor over the Christmas period. Nick wants to come back again to live in 2013 to set up for another monumental year in free surfing, filming, competition and training“.

Filmed by: Tyge Landa.

Edited by: Tyge Landa.

Jason Finlay – NMD/Finlay Big Air Comp

This is one cool initiative by Jason Finlay:

The new NMD-FINLAY board is out soon.
To win the first NMD-FINLAY in the country, as well as a huge prize pack from all of his sponsors, just complete the following:

1) Capture video of yourself doing the biggest air possible.

2) Upload your clip to Youtube or Vimeo, with your Name and Age as the title.

3) Send the link of your clip, as well as any Questions to

4) Follow for Jase’s weekly favourites, and the winner.

5) Winner will be announced on Sep 1st 2012.


Jase Finlay signature model, Dual bodyboard travel bag, Backpack, Bicep leash, Fin teathers, Shirt, Wax, Sticker pack

Chest Zip Steamer, Sticker pack

Jeans, Hoodie, 2x Shirts, Sticker pack

Hoodie, Shirt, Sticker pack

Shoes, Sticker pack

Flippers, Sticker pack

Winner will be chosen with consideration of:
-Age of rider
-Size of wave
-Size of air
-Technicality of air
-Style of air
-Landing of air
-Rider must not have any major sponsors