Inverted Bodyboarding – HEINOUS Ep. 2: Hawaii 2012


Pipeline Hawaii is the most prestige wave in the world with thousands of bodyboarders flocking there every year in a hope to score that salty tube. The 2013 season is upon us and it’s time to get excited by recapping on 2012, which was arguably one of the best IBA competitions held at Pipeline. Coming soon HEINOUS Episode 3, where we will profile Lachlan Cramsie.

Riders: Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Michael Novy, Lachlan Cramsie, Sam Bennet, Pierre-Louis Costes, Charly Chapelet, Dave Hubbard, Elliot Butler, Nick Rubesaame, Drew Innocend, Dallas Singer, Mike Stewart, Brian Wise, Davis Blackwell.



Filmed by: Charles Beak, Alejandro Ramirez, Miller Best.

Edited by: Jaden Dickey.

Javier Fleitas – IBA 2012 Turbo Zicatela Pro // Freesurfing

Some of the freesurfing that went down during the IBA 2012 Turbo Zicatela Pro

Riders: Joe Clarke, Jose Otavio, Charly Chapelet, Sam Bennett, Jeff Hubbard, Jared Houston, Pierre-Louis Costes, Jose Rutherford, Amaury Lavernhe, Andrew Lester, Alex Uranga, Mark McCarthy, Chase O’Leary, Sacha Specker, Eder Luciano, Tanner McDanniel, Dudu Pedra, Bosley McGee, Kalani Lattanzi, Dallas Singer.

Filmed by: Javier Fleitas, Andres Petroni.

Edited by: Javier Fleitas.

Stek Montaz – Electric Feel

‘Electric Feel’ is a great short movie by Eliott Badiqué (again!), mixing surfing and bodyboarding action. This is a good hope for surfing in Reunion Island.

ZOT Movie Festival 2012: Prix de la performance .

Riders: Yani Akbi, Kensey Babet, Damien Borgomano, Guillaume Brun, Romain Cloitre, Joey Flavigny, David Huet, Lucas Jannier, Mathieu Milella, Victoria Vergara, Kieran Bulard, Charly Chapelet, Mathieu Vistot, Dave Hubbard, Julian Wilson, Jordy Smith, Maxime Huscenot.

Filmed by: Eliott Badiqué (Stek Montaz), Guillaume Brun.

Edited by: Eliott Badiqué (Stek Montaz).

Riraw TV – La Gravière

Here is the very expected Riraw’s edit featuring the waves of La Gravière during the last winter and summer.

Riders: Baptiste Tellechea, Mickael Kauffman, Martin Mouradian, Pierre Bergeras, Alex Uranga, Dereck Crater, Jeremy Arnoux, Thomas Goyenetche, Charly Chapelet, Pierre-Louis Costes.

Filmed by: Riraw TV.

Edited by: Riraw TV

All Bodyboarders Clothing – ABC Pro Team in South America

“Amaury Lavernhe, Dave Hubbard, and Chase O’Leary were in South America for the IBA events. Here are some souvenirs!
The entire PRO Team was in Chili and Brazil to participate in the 2 GSS competitions and Chili’s GQS event. To thank you for supporting the riders in these events and to thank the great shows that the events were, here is a podcast we hope you will enjoy as much as we enjoyed making!”

Filmed by: Charly Chapelet, Paulo Barcellos.

Edited by: Jean-Baptiste Besse.

Javier Fleitas – Two Routes // Hawaii & Chile


Enjoy the great work of Javier Fleitas bringing us some incredible actions from Hawaii and Chile.

Riders: Sam Bennett, Airam Cabrera, Mark McCarthy, Jared Houston, Mitch Rawlins, Jeff Hubbard, Guillermo Cobos, Andrew Lester, Charly Chapelet, Amaury Lavernhe, Pierre-Luis Costes, Mike Stewart, Damian King, Ben Player, Nicolas Bastos, Nick Gornall, Yoan Florentin, Michael Novy, Dave Winchester, Lachlan Cramsie, Uri Valadao.

Filmed by: Javier Fleitas.

Edited by: Javier Fleitas.