The Pit-No 2, Secret South Africa. Photo// Graham Wiles. www.thepit.co.za

Want to watch a collection of rad shots from South African bodyboarding community? Here comes The Pit, second edition! A beautiful magazine with plenty of action and the best Safas bodyboarders (Jared Houston, Mark McCarthy just to mention a few). Click here to read the online edition.

In this 2nd Edition, we wrap up a few photos from the first half of summer, featuring a handful of noteworthy liquid beasts from across the Indian, to the Atlantic Ocean, and a quick Q&A from small town wonder boy, Tristan Roberts. More pictures, less words. Just the way we like it.

Featured photographers: Bryan Paynter, Hafeez Floris, Maniac Bodyboarding, Ross Nortier, Imogen Moon, Daniel Grebe, Eloise Du Preez, Cobus Bosman, Billy Ackerman, Chris Clarke, Claire Butler, Jan Derk Nipius, Ian Thurtell, Shane Viljoen, Graham Wiles.

For those who just discover the existence of The Pit™, here are a few words from Graham Wiles, the chief editor:

The Pit™ is a South African bodyboarding gallery, blog & ‘zine, featuring bodyboarding related content, with a core focus on underground bodyboarding culture, photography and videography.
The website is home to photo and video galleries, a ‘misfits’ photo blog and a ‘community’ page for compos, reviews, surf missions and press releases, as well as a ‘crew’ page, with a growing list of contributors. 
Working closely with the bodyboarding community, The Pit™ aims to fill the gaps, promote, produce, and play.
Underground bodyboarding culture. Aweh.
Welcome to The Pit™


Before the digital version goes online, The Pit™ releases a limited edition black and white ‘zine, which is distributed hand to hand, for free. There’s no denying that the production quality is low, but as with any traditional ‘zine, the aim is to spread the word and have some fun!


Although there are a few well-established bodyboarding magazines that feature a selection of the best shots to come out of the country, some really great photos and videos are lost to the archives. The Pit™ looks to bridge the gap between amateur and professional, double-page spread, and the Facebook album shared with friends. By featuring great content that deserves to be shared with the world,we will be promoting the work and development of pro’s and amateurs alike, for the love of bodyboarding.
The best of The Pit™ submissions are saved for the ‘zine, a pretty short and sweet little full color publication that will be released as and when the pages are filled. Each edition will be presented as a distinctive visually inspired concept, developing a unique visual appeal.




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