The 30th anniversary of professional bodyboarding  has faced a lot of troubles, firstly canceled and finally happening thanks to the last minute backing by GoPro and the support of a solid range sponsors from the bodyboard industry and the Hawaiian Islands (IMUA Orthopedics Sports & Health, Science Bodyboards, T&C Surf, BodyboardKing, DHX, Verizon, Primo-Beer, Turtle Bay Resort Hawaii).

IBA Tour Manager, Alex Leon added “there has been a significant team effort to make the 30th anniversary IBA GoPro Pipe Challenge a reality. The IBA would like to sincerely thank the team that banded together all for the athletes and fans of the IBA World Tour. The IBA would like to acknowledge each of the event sponsors for the event and encourage the bodyboarding community to support these companies”.

Hence, happy ending for the 2013 IBA GoPro Pipeline Challenge, which will take place between February 18 and March 1. Stay tuned!


Filmed by: Todd Barnes, Chris Bryan, Seamus Makim, Ed Saltau.

Edited by: Todd Barnes.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAx9g-LwQKc]

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