Youriding decided to spoil their gamers for Christmas! Between the 10th and the 21th of December 2012, they organize the Chrismas Madness!

The game consists in making the best score on a daily challenge on a wave of the day: making the best tube, the best maneuver or get the highest score on http://www.youriding.com. To participate, visit the Youriding Facebook Page  to discover the challenge of the day.

Like everybody knows, Manny Vargas is their spokesperson (watch his last video down the post), and he has been sent to Canary Islands to comment the last event of the IBA Tour. Their partner at the Fronton Pro (NMD, VS, Meduxa and Nobelum) are offering prizes for the daily winners.

First challenge: daily_banner_bodyboard_facebook_403x403_day_#01

So don’t wait anymore and go to www.youriding.com!


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoF_fgdwdM8]

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