The ABC Annaelle Challenge will occur on Sunday & Monday !!

Monday is going to be epic, we forecast a huge swell with high period & light winds. Sunday should be average because of side shore winds.

Spot check will be made on Sunday morning, and if the conditions aren’t good enough, we’ll run the whole contest on Monday only.

Like for the previous editions, the organisators remind you that the access of the competition site is forbidden for everyone excepted staff & competitors.

In deed, the contest take place on a private island, and the area & surroundings will be very dangerous with the huge swell forecasted.
So, for obvious security matters, access is forbidden !

We’ll be reporting from the island some news & photos during the event, directly updated live on our website and facebook!

And as always, a complete series of report, photos & videos will be available online, you will not miss any of the action like if you were there!
Thanks for your comprehension

Staff Annaelle Challenge


Here are a few names of the riders taking part to the Annaëlle Challenge (incomplete list):

Alex Uranga (Esp)
Yoan Florentin (Reu)
Sylvain Langlet (Fra)
Benat Elosua (Esp)
Clement Lodeho (Reu)
Erwan Genre (Fra)
Arthur Cony (Fra)
Derek Crater (Fra)
Guillaume Sautron (Reu)


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