Everything you need to know about Dahn Colman, a young and talented photographer. Check it out!

Name? Dahn Colman.

Age? 18.

Living in? Manurah, West Australia.

How long have you been shooting? 2 years.

What’s your equipment? Canon 7d, canon 100-400mm f4.5-5.6, canon 85mm f1.8, canon 17-40mm f4, canon 430SX ll flash, tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5 fisheye and aquatech water housing.

What’s your favorite spot to shoot?
Mandurah wedge would be one of my favorites, although I’m always looking for something different and outside the box. I’d love to discover new unseen waves.

Any trips?
Planning on going to the Mentawai Islands next year in april. Also planning a few other smaller trips for around Australia this year.

What’s your dreamed location to shoot?
I’m pretty easy going although somewhere with amazing colours, good people and amazing waves would be great.

Who are you working with (riders, school, magazines)? Any Publications?
I’ve currently been shooting catalogs for a fashion wholesaler. I’m also been working with George Humphreys, Davis Blackwell and Lewy Finnegan trying to get photos for publication. I have had a few photos run on fluidzone and I have some photos being published in the next coming riptide.

Best shot so far? I don’t think I’ve got that shot yet.

Who is(are) your reference photographer(s)?
This is hard one, I enjoys so many photographers work. I love seeing different perspectives of places, people, things and waves. Some of my highlighted photographers would be: Phil Gallagher, Trent Mitchell, Luke Shadbolt, Ray Collins, Russell Ord and Chris Gurney.

Who would you like to work with?
I’d love to work with all the bodyboard magazines more and also to work with all the best bodyboarders from around the world.

Any upcoming projects? I have no upcoming projects as of now.

Website? http://dahncolman.tumblr.com/ and Facebook page.

Any last words? Cheers Bellyspin for the interview.


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